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Graces bingo

In 1994 Nicola famously starred in Four Weddings and a Funeral as one half of the frightful folk duo, who sings Can't Smile Without You at the first wedding.
"A nick in your horn" - a year of life.
People with airs and graces don't get a lot of encouragement in Scotland.What theatre work has Nicole Walker done?"Jimmy" - in Glasgow in particular, if you do not know someone's name, they will often be referred to as "Jimmy" - "Hey Jimmy, do you know when the next bus is coming?".Nicola money maker game unblocked plays the role of Hannah Defoe, who is inquisitive and analytical with other people's marriages, while dealing with her own relationship issues."Wee man" - while "wee" usually means small it is used in the this context to indicate "young man" - often used by fathers to refer to their sons."Be a gone corbie" - to be done for, breathing your last.Nicola snagged her first major television roles were in 1997, as Gypsy Jones in Channel 4's adaptation of A Dance to the Music of Time, and teacher Suzy Travis in two series of Steven Moffat's school-sitcom Chalk."Mourning letter" - the invitation to a funeral, edged in black (in the days before funeral notices were placed in local newspapers).It is widely used in Scotland and North America and other parts of the world where Scots have settled).East-Londoner Nicola Walker was born on in Stepney.Then again, the "Heid bummer" is the boss!It's free to play and you can win prizes!"Cord" - the rope held by close friends and relatives by which the coffin was lowered into the grave."Primsie" - self-consciously correct and straight-laced."Heid" - On its own this is simply "Head" but it often forms part of a longer phrase such as "He's aff his heid" (he's angry) or "He's a heid banger" (he's a wild or crazy person) and "Ye'll get your heid in yer hands."Gutter gaws" - a sore on a foot."Fit" - your foot, but try not to "pit yer fit in it" and make a mistake!Someone with the "gift of the gab" is silver tongued and talks a lot."Pirlie-winkie" and "Peerie-winkie" - also words describing the small finger.Motley Art Show/Karaoke Event, the second art show/Karaoke charity event at Ed Mary's is Friday night december 7th.
"Blether" - talk foolishly or too much about nothing "Blethering skite" - a person who babbles foolishly "Bummle" - speak carelessly or sing badly "Clash-ma-claver" - gossip and idle tales "Clype on" - tell tales or inform against someone.
(En final, terminer avec les Ts ts-tsss, ts ts-tsss.).

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